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From the tribes of the world to our "Tribe"
A seminar by Kostas Gakis 

The Epi Skinis Theater Group and the "Dimitris Horn" Award-winning actor, director, musician and Acting & Theater Teacher Costas Gakis are organizing
a Two-Day Theatrical Seminar
  in Zurich
on the subject of "tribe" ...

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 MAY 2022

With him the actress and his longtime colleague and assistant Natasa Faye Kosmidou




Very often Costas Gakis likens his workshops and in general his work with theatrical groups from all over the country and abroad as a work with a different tribe each time in which we all learn from everyone, we all open paths of thought and emotion to everyone. , we are all healed by everyone.



The topic of this seminar will be the "tribe" and the tribal stories of the world that keep secrets of empathy, love, organicity and physical life that we "civilized" have lost.

An attempt at anthropological theater for the disappearing humanity. For the meaning of the extinct tribe. For everything natural and organic that recedes to give way to something non-organic and unnatural. For each tribe that disappears in its place we can create a new one, with our compass and our horizon the missing "together".



So each member of the team that will be created has a mission to find (and have the opportunity in a simple way to tell) a total of two stories: a story from the tribes of the world and one from his own life or the life of his ancestors who which will somehow communicate the central theme of "tribe".


At the same time, Costas Gakis will share some useful exercises, warm-ups and theatrical games of his own conception that help to release the means of expression and enhance teamwork, spontaneity and effortless participation. The seminar will explore in a playful and spontaneous way the possibility of transforming texts, stories, narratives, dreams, myths and songs into theatrical action according to the method of Kostas Gakis "For a theater of the possible".



The goal is to create a team that will look like a tribe of magical synergy , healing and escape from the harsh or boring reality. In this tribe we will all become teachers of all, we will all become students of all, we will all move, we will surprise, we will accept and we will welcome everyone.

Open to actors, non actors, teachers  and generally to anyone who loves stories and human warmth


• soft clothes, willing for teamwork, need for human warmth, disposition to abandon seriousness and toxicity.

• collection of stories: in this our tribe that we will create in our seminar we will theatrically edit stories from tribes around the world.






Information about the Seminar

Days: Saturday 7.05 & Sunday 8.05

Hours: 12.00 - 18.00* There will be a long break

Cost: CHF 160 * for Epi membersSkinis

        180 CHF * for non  members

The price includes  staff  folder  student, snacks, coffee, water and soft drinks

Where:  EPI SKINIS Theater School


At the end of the seminar there will be a dinner with the Teachers.

Total participants 20 People -Priority Order will be strictly observed

Please send us a message to to register!   with Theme "For TRIBE Seminar"

Reservations until 30.04










Costas Gakis

Director, actor, composer


Graduate of the drama school of the National Theater, the Department of History and Archeology of Athens and the instrument of the classical guitar. Holder of the "Dimitris Horn" award. Member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab based in New York. Member of the company of Greek directors. Member of the pan-Hellenic network for theater in education. Founding member together with Maria Papafotiou of the Anamma theater company.  Collaborating as an international artist  with the  American University of Washington, Jangada Theater of Portugal, Acting Guild of Canada and Asian Culture Center of South Korea  For 15 years he has been directing, acting as an actor, writing theatrical texts, teaching acting, composing songs and music for performances while at the same time  detects together with Natasa Faye Kosmidou as  animator team new anthropocentric training models. 

Created the performances "Cockroach", "We do not talk about them"
  " Without music",  "Divided bishop", "The executioner of love", "Romeo and Juliet for 2",  "The last black Cat",  "Aristophaniada", "Tree of Oedipus",  "From Antigone to Medea", "Fans of the world", "Ikaria, a theatrical recording", "Mistero Buffo", "Songs of a tender god", "Story of a dog who was called faithful", "History Without a Name", "Imaginary Patient". He created the show "Slow down the egg" with a group of people with disabilities.  She participated in the TV series "John of the Heart" and "Secrets of Eden". He has created the films “Icarus  Dream ”and“ A little Greece ”. 

He is the artistic director of Mondays and the teacher
  of the Alpha / Lineos - Photios theater. He teaches in drama schools: Modern Times, Theater of Changes, Athenian Stage, 6th Art. He is very grateful to his parents and to his classical guitar teacher, Vassilis Kanaras.

Natasa Faye Kosmidou

Actor, Animator

Natasa Faye Kosmidou is a graduate of the Higher Drama School "Athenian Stage". He has participated in several shows such as

  "To the crumbs of Adam - Exintavelonis", "Return Calendars" and "Christ of the Passion" directed by Maria Frangi. While in 2015 he worked as an assistant director in the play "Nine and Five" directed by Pantelis Voulgaris at the Diana Theater. 

In 2017 he met the Documentary Theater through the seminar of Kostas Gakis at the Alpha-Idea theater and participated in the play "I will tell you a story called Ikaria" directed by  Costa Gaki. At the same time, under the direction of Kostas Gakis, we meet her on

  "Fans of the World Fans" of the Alpha-Idea theater. In the period 2017-2018 he attends the seminars Documentary Theater-Island of Samothrace (Costas Gakis, Akis Filios) and "For a theater of Sound" (Costas Gakis, Georgina Vardoulaki) at the theater Alpha Idea and participates in the performances "Samothrace" a theater of Sound ". 

In 2019 he worked as an assistant director on the show 

"History Without a Name" directed by Costas Gakis. 

In 2020 he directed and wrote the theatrical adaptation

«Chamber No. 6, 

A Hip Hop Chekhov Conversation With Today » 

He is involved in children's theater and has participated in children's shows  "The Wealth" by Aristophanes directed by Michalis Kalambokis.

He deals with storytelling, rhythmic recitation  and theatrical play. 

For four years now, alongside Costas Gakis, as an assistant director and as a teacher in his various educational programs. 

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