Modern Dancers

Kinesiology & Contemporary Dance

Dance Teacher Vasia Roussi teaches

A course to explore the function of body parts and their relationship to gravity, space, time, speed, rhythm, stillness and movement in space.

Course objectives:

• kinesiological and emotional connection to a text / role

• the body will be ready to move / react with as many different qualities of movement as possible.

• peripheral vision will work

• enhance concentration and communication

• consciousness of the whole

• consciousness of body parts

Course features:

• Awakening and body strengthening exercises

• Based on contemporary dance techniques (release, graham, improvisation, partnering)  

"Together we will make a journey of expression through the dance movement which will include many  elements of contemporary dance as well as theatrical kinesiology. We will learn to place ourselves in_cc781905-5cde-31948 our peripheral vision but also to control the weight of our body. Through  we will be left to the magic that the movement gives you through the rhythm and Rousseau

Dance Class


Every Wednesday 19.00-20.30

Witikonerstrasse 311, 8053 Zurich

Lessons start 5.10.22