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They said about us ...

He spends a lot of time playing and learning! The team is tied and the teacher is very helpful and willing to put us in the theater with a variety of interesting exercises and actions! He wants a smile, an appetite and to be yourself and you are ready !!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

Eleni R. / Member of Epi Skinis

A wonderful theatrical group, with many dreams and love. For those who love theater and want to travel through the stage, I recommend Epi Skinis Group. That was my dream too. Thanks

Dimitris L. / Member of Epi Skinis

The most creative way to escape from reality and get lost for a while ... Teacher Vivetta is fully trained, the team is very promising..Good luck to all of us ... !!!

Georgia T. / Member of Epi Skinis

The new Epi Skinis Theater Group came to fill our Zurich lives with art, play and fun! Whether you are looking for a fun hobby, or you love the Theater and want to get into it, the Epi Skinis team will amaze you!

Maro S. / Member ofEpi Skinis

Coordinated theater lessons with lots of improvisations and lots of play!

Angel T. / Member Epi Skinis

I have been a member of the Epi Skinis Theater Group for two months now. At first I went very numb and worried about what I would face and whether I would be able to cope. Now every week I just can't wait to meet the wonderful team and our teacher to discover new aspects of my personality, to laugh, to think and to have a great time !!!! Thank you Vivetta Lainioti for making the decision to create the Epi Skinis School

Betty K. / Member ofEpi Skinis

Viveta a big thank you for the beautiful team you created. I really never thought I would join a theater group, however every Thursday I feel like discovering a new part of myself through the interesting exercises, the interaction with the other members of the group under the guidance of the smiling Vivetta. The only thing for sure is that they spend 3 hours happily, creatively, and I leave each time with a feeling of beauty, serenity, a sense of confidence in myself and the rest of the new kids on the team, ready to discover new secrets through this journey. Thank you Vivetta for giving me the opportunity to make this trip.

Natasha K. / Member ofEpi Skinis

The Epi Skinis Theater Group is my first attempt to get in touch with the theater as an actor and not as a spectator. One of the reasons I wanted to try it is to overcome the stress I have every time I feel exposed. I am very happy that I took the step and that is because Vivetta is ideal in creating a warm atmosphere! In the group I feel comfortable trying things that are completely new to me, such as the theatrical exercises organized by Vivetta, bringing ideas and developing my creativity and imagination. I would definitely recommend our team to anyone who is curious to see how they do it in the theater!

Aimilia P./ Member of Epi Skinis

I feel very happy to be a member of the Epi Skinis team. Each lesson is a new surprise for me. Always properly studied from beginning to end, full of information, emotion and communication. Vivetta very quickly managed to convey her love, respect and enthusiasm for the theater. He was able to unite us and unlock us. I am already watching our progress day by day. I can't wait to see us on stage.

Elina R. / Member of Epi Skinis

It is not only Theater, it is not only Acting ... It is to feel through a GROUP the freedom to live your role ... It is not only something you learn but more something you do with your heart and to open it you want the key...

Vivetta, Thank you.

Arian A. / MemberEpi Skinis

The experience is truly wonderful! The atmosphere, the cohesion with the team members, the energy, the creativity ...

It is the place where I can forget for a while about the problems of the day and see myself and others somewhat differently.

A big thank you to Vivetta and the Epi Skinis team!

Arian A. / MemberEpi Skinis

Professionalism, Creativity, Freedom of Expression, Sharing. This is for me the team on stage. Each lesson is organized with original exercises and games that excite. Each lesson a new discovery. Thanks for the vision that came true Vivetta!

The best are yet to come!

Arian A. / MemberEpi Skinis

A theatrical group with a terribly pleasant environment, beautiful people and a spirit of cooperation. Creativity, expression and multilevel knowledge. The effort and coordination of Vivetta Lainioti is exceptional!

Arian A. / MemberEpi Skinis

Στο επι σκηνής ξεκινάει κανείς «μουδιασμένος» είτε γιατί θέλει να εξερευνήσει μια νέα ενασχόληση είτε γιατί η αγάπη του για το θέατρο τον έφερε ως εκεί. Η Βιβέττα και η ομάδα σε βάζει σε μια διαδικασία αναζήτησης και νέας γνωριμίας με τον εαυτό σου. Παίζεις, μαθαίνεις, περνάς όμορφα, επαναπροσδιορίζεται και ανακαλύπτεις νέα πράγματα. Η εμπειρία και το ταξίδι είναι μοναδικό.

Θάνια Μ. Μέλος Epi Skinis

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