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Below you can find all the information regarding the current and future seminars from renowned, in the artistic field, our partners!





Duration: 12 two-hour meetings


When: The seminar will be live & online via Zoom, every Tuesday 18.30-20.30


Start : 7.9.2021


Participation fee: 40CHF / per meeting 


D-imiourgiki Creative writing is a way of writing in which the thought is expressed freely and automatically, without obstacles and limitations of the rules of logic and ethics. The term was introduced by the French writer Andre Breton in the First Manifesto of Surrealism (surrealism) published in 1924. Through automatic writing, the Surrealists sought to find unusual ways of inspiration and direct contact with the subconscious. They wanted to free the imagination from the shackles of logic and literary rules and to get literature out of the impasse it had reached with the First World War. Many Greek poets of the Thirty Generations accepted the influence of Surrealism such as Andreas Empirikos and Nikos Eggonopoulos .


The seminar is aimed at those who love writing and would like to experiment with different writing styles by cultivating their creativity and critical thinking. However, those who feel stuck in front of a white paper glue can also watch it ...


The aim of the seminar is to create personal texts through the activation of the imagination.


All members will share their texts with each other and there will be discussion and commentary with the teacher!







Δημιουργική Γραφή

Write your own Theatrical monologue

In the seminar we will learn how to write a theatrical text, whether it is a scene or a monologue, or an entire play. We will draw images and emotions from personal experiences, or from something we saw on the street that impressed us, or from a dialogue we had at work ... even from a personal object ...

Anything that for each of us could become the starting point to "dress" in words a situation. Then we will start directing and bring our text to life on stage and close our meetings with a presentation of our work to friends and relatives.


Duration: 4 months


When: Every Friday live 18.00-20.00


Courses start : September 2021


Participation fee: 45CHF / lesson


Maximum number of people: 10

Θεατρικός μονολογος
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