Pricing Plans of Epi Skinis

10 LESSONS CARD of 320CHF: Suitable for those who cannot commit! Pay for 10 Acting Courses and come whenever you can! Free provision of Audiovisual material, notes and books. 20% discount on the original price 400CHF! Valid for 4 months!

MONTHLY CARD OF 150CHFPay 4 courses at the price of 150CHF instead of 200CHF, Free provision of Audiovisual material, notes and books. Valid for 1 month!

PREPAID CARD FOR ALL 3 ACTING CYCLES OF 840CHF : Free equipment such as notebooks, pens and theater books. Ability to attend theoretical courses via Zoom30% discount for our members!Only 840CHF and all 3 cycles together instead of 1200CHF initial price. Possibility to PAUSE for one year!

Let us know which offer you would like...