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Όροι Συμμετοχή

Terms & Information of Participation

* The minimum number of people to take any course or seminar  EPI SKINIS Group  is 4 people! EPI SKINIS Team has the right to cancel or change the date  if the minimum number is not filled in  

In case a lesson is done through ZOOM there is no participation limit.

* The course or subscription is paid before the start of the course. In any other case you  can participate in the course and pay it off in 7 days!

  * In  Holiday Season or when the School  closes  all monthly or  lessons course cards  automatically pause. DOES NOT APPLY TO THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION  

* Attendance at the course should be a quarter before the start time so that there is time for members to prepare. Of course we show understanding in a situation of need.

* We wear comfortable clothes and have with us a pair of socks and a towel.  

* In case you do not show up for a course without any information up to 3 hours before the start  each time  course will  there is a charge of 25CHF.

* Those who do not  have registered as team members and would like to take a trial lesson should notify us by email. The trial costs 35CHF!

* The Epi Skinis team has the  right  to remove and terminate his cooperation with any member who disturbs the team on an individual or collective level.

*  For the seminars as well as for the Vocal classes it is necessary to pay for the registration in advance.

* Payment methods: Credit Cards, Cash, Twint, Transfer, Paypal, Revolut, Invoice. You can send us an email at stating the desired payment method.

* There is a 100CHf registration fee at our School that applies to the provision of snacks, coffee and soft drinks throughout the year

* Basic condition for participation,   your smile and your happy mood for Theater, Dance, Music and creation .. !!!


We look forward to seeing you  well  set at the Epi Skinis School !!

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