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Yoga Studio


Every Monday 18.30-19.30

​Coming from September 2023


Yoga is an ancient science and philosophy, now recognized by modern western medicine. It consists of a series of practices that help man to transform into a more harmonious and balanced state of being or as it is often said, aware of his true nature. These practices are exercises, postures, breathing, meditation, study of ancient theories, application of the principles of yoga and self-observation in everyday life.

Yoga is above all a way of life. A complete scientific system which combines with absolute harmony, the exercise not only of the body but also of the mind.

The word yoga comes from  Sanskrit root "yug" which means under one yoke, ie united under the same yoke. All interpretations are based on the early Indo-European root "yeug" which means "union". Union of soul, mind and body. The concept of union is central to the philosophy of yoga. On the one hand,   yoga as a complete exercise system seeks to unite all aspects of the human entity- body with mind and mind with soul in order to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life and on the other, on a spiritual level, aims at the union of man with the Supreme Being.

Yoga Class

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Every Monday 18.30-19.30

​Coming from September 2023..

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