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Αγγλόφωνο Τμήμα


Cycle of 6 lessons

Every Thursday 20.00-21.30

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If we try to overcome everything that prevents us from exposing our true self, we will be able to get closer to it. The trip to Stdesign begins with only luggage our truth...

A few words about the course:

Participants will engage in exercises designed to develop listening skills, characterisation, storytelling, spontaneity and teamwork. The focus will be on small format games and stage structure. No experience required - just a willingness to play!

Main objective of this cycle, it is through acting exercises based on the technique of improvisation and theatrical play, to develop your means of expression. To understand the function of the body in everyday life and the way to include it in the theater for the best composition of a role. You will learn spontaneity, liberation, ingenuity, imagination, trust and above all you will remember the game. Finally, a basis will be given to the cultivation of a spirit of teamwork, communication and stage composition. So why do we improvise? First of all, to create an atmosphere, a relationship, so that we all feel comfortable, so that everyone in the group can get up and sit down without it being a test.

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