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From a young age I remember saying that I want to become an actor and so that was the reason for me to study Theatrology at the University of Patras. There I participated in many acting, directing and improvisation seminars and so I tried for the first time to create my first theatrical group with 20 people and to direct the musical Grease, receiving excellent reviews from the audience of Patras, Athens and Serres where the play was presented. us! As you can understand, the germ of Theater "ignited" inside me and so, finishing my studies, I decided to continue my studies in acting in Athens for 4 years ...


So I proudly declare myself an Excellent Graduate of the Drama School "Academy of Art". Later I participated in many performances, at the Athens and Delphi Festivals, I worked as a director and writer at the Elysee Theater in Athens, as an actor in children's theater and I have attended seminars and courses in directing, improvisation, physical theater, vocal, theatrical acting, , acting etc. I have taken on many amateur and professional theatrical groups and I enjoy teaching as much as playing on stage! I declare that I am incurably in love with my profession and I believe that the Theater unites people and offers "light" in the difficult moments of our daily life… I would like to seek this light with you…





I have been living in Zurich for the last 5 years teaching theatrical play and musicals to children and teenagers. For the first two years I was a member of a Greek-language theater group. There I met very remarkable and talented creatures, with common concerns and after their encouragement I decided to spread my wings and create a new theatrical group.


EPI SKINIS is the First Greek-speaking Amateur Theater School of Zurich. In particular, it is a modern theater workshop that holds classes, seminars and workshops around the acting arts and not only, which are addressed to both amateur and professional actors, but also to all those who want to work with the Theater as a creative way. relaxation and escape from everyday life. With the compass of endless love and appetite for the Theatrical Art, the members of EPI SKINIS will have the opportunity to learn Acting, Vocal, Improvisation, Physical Theater, Dance, Kinesiology, Creative Writing, Theatrical Monologue, Theatrical Game etc. With my goal and wish that all this leads to the creation of remarkable performances but also that Epi Skinis one day become a reference point for all the Arts ....


I look forward to "traveling" with you ...


See you, then, on stage .....



Εγγραφη μελους
Join us Now!!

If you love theatre  if you imagine what it would be like to be on stage, if you want to let yourself  free, if you want to share your experiences, if you want to break taboos, if you want to feel like  you belong to a group of people with common codes or if you just want to have a creative time, then do not waste time and register at the EPI SKINIS Theater School


You do not need to have any experience or studies in the Theater. All we ask of you is passion, your greatest smile and consistency.


  You will not have to prepare any monologue and there will be none   kind of audition.


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Welcome to Epi Skinis!



* ( Registration cost - One-time purchase: 100Chf

concerns exclusively the provision of audiovisual material, books, plays, personal files, snacks, etc.)

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